sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

Chaos Group compra a ASGVIS

Informação oficial: Agora a ASGVIS pertence a Chaos Group e consequentemente Vray for Sketchup e Vray for Rhino são da Chaos Group. Esperamos que essa novidade venha acompanhada com melhoras nesse excelente software.

Chaos Group furthers plans for enhanced services and support to North American market

Baltimore, Maryland, USA - Chaos Group of Sofia, Bulgaria – the world leader in the development of software solutions for the computer graphics industry – has acquired Baltimore-based software developer and visualization firm, ASGVIS, LLC. The acquisition will consolidate V-Ray for Rhino and V-Ray for SketchUp development within the Chaos Group brand, and confirms establishment of a new Chaos Group company in the United States that will enhance services and support to customers in North America.

A working relationship with the two companies began in 2005 when ASGVIS adapted Chaos Group's flagship rendering plug-in, V-Ray*, to work with the modeling software applications Rhinoceros* and SketchUp*. In addition to developing these two products, ASGVIS resold Chaos Group's V-Ray for 3ds Max* and V-Ray for Maya*. Joining the two development teams under Chaos Group will ensure consistency among the V-Ray products.

"We are extremely excited by this merger," said Peter Mitev, CEO of the Chaos Group. "We have worked with ASGVIS to extend the V-Ray platform into areas of business that our other V-Ray products did not cover, and having them join the Chaos Group only serves to make the V-Ray brand even stronger. The USA has always been a key market for V-Ray, and having a dedicated office to service our customers will allow us to provide an even higher level of service and support."

ASGVIS will officially be renamed Chaos Group USA. Peter Mitev will provide overall guidance for the new company, but there are no planned changes to the structure or employees as of this announcement. Chaos Group will continue to operate ASGVIS "as is," and will gradually phase-in changes to the process of ordering and support. Details on these general changes will be communicated by the Chaos Group in the coming months.

"Chaos Group is a true pioneer in the CG industry, and this acquisition is a monumental step to unify the V-Ray brand," echoed Corey Rubadue, founder of ASGVIS, and now the Director of Chaos Group USA. "It not only acknowledges the importance of V-Ray in the CAD market, but also firmly places the plug-ins for Rhino and SketchUp in the official V-Ray development pipeline."


About Chaos Group
Chaos Group is a global leader in creating rendering solutions for the Architectural, VFX and Film, Media and Entertainment, and the Automotive and Product Design industries. Through a worldwide network of more than 150 distributors and resellers the company delivers the market leading V-Ray rendering engine and continues to build upon its success by continuously surprising the 3D community with new, innovative and trendsetting rendering technologies.

Chaos Group was founded in 1997 with the establishment of a production studio for 3D design and animation services. The company quickly recognized the related software development opportunity and allocated resources for the provision of rendering solutions for production studios. The first product release began in 1998 with Phoenix, launched at the end of 1999. After beginning the creation of the renowned V-Ray rendering engine in early 2000, and upon its release in March 2002, the company dedicated its efforts to the rendering niche and pursued the development and global distribution of its rendering solutions for the 3D visualization industry.

ASGVIS, once the "Visual Imaging Studio" of venerable architecture firm Ayers Saint Gross Architects + Planners, became world-renowned for its adaptation of V-Ray, the cutting-edge rendering technology developed by Chaos Software. The studio not only offered rendering and animation services, but also customized software packages used in production to streamline the rendering process. The programs included Autodesk's 3ds Max and Revit, and eventually expanded to such 3D design programs as Robert McNeel and Associates' Rhinoceros and Google's SketchUp. 
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